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Baseline Ambient Noise Measurements

Ambient noise is sometimes called background noise level which is the sound pressure level pertaining to a given environment. In acoustic engineering ambient noise is any sound other than the sound being monitored. Ambient noise is an important concept when it comes to mitigation methods that may be imposed on a project. Modeling software can help determine baseline ambient noise levels based on the input from available tables.

We believe however, due to the regulatory restrictions that may be imposed on a project based on the ambient noise level, the better approach and the more accurate method would be to obtain the acoustical data at the proposed location from a series of hydrophones. Because noise levels can change greatly from transmission loss which is defined as:

TL = 20 log (Po/Pr)
Where: Po= The pressure at a point away from the source
And: Pr = The pressure at R meters from the source


The key components that can cause these changes are absorption, scattering, bottom loss, temperature and a few others.

A more reliable and accurate model based on the data that was collected at the proposed site could then be developed. Projects that may require baseline ambient noise measurements to be performed have been wind mill farms, pile driving, dredging, new port terminals and offshore oil facilities.