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Pile Driver
Marine Construction

Pile Driving and Underwater Blasting Noise Assessments

Projects that involve driving piles and underwater blasting typically require a number of federal, state, and local permits. Regulatory issues are one of the most critical tasks that need to be addressed during the permitting process. Permit conditions related to pile driving and underwater blasting can include a wide variety of requirements, such as daily and seasonal timing restrictions, peak and cumulative noise limitations, requirements for underwater noise attenuation systems, hydroacoustic monitoring and mitigation plans for the take of protected species. Acquisitions of these permits requires evaluation of the proposed project to assure its compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

We offer the following services:
Pile Driver
  • Guidance in preparation of environmental documentation and permit application for projects involving pile driving and underwater blasting.

  • Measures to avoid or minimize pile driving impacts and underwater blasting that generate hydroacoustic pressures on fish and marine mammals.

  • Install and maintain a hydrophone system to monitor and to document the sound generated from the construction site and collect the necessary data and evaluate the potential physical effects of sound on aquatic animals using the regulatory framework in which the effects are to be measured.

  • Determine the expected pile driving sound pressure levels.

  • Calculate the underwater sound attenuation.

  • Determine the impact zone.

  • Certified protected species observers to secure the impact zone.