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Seismic Ship
Marine Seismic

The BOEM has adopted mitigation methods to ensure that potential environmental impacts associated with seismic operations are either prevented, or effectively managed and controlled to reduce the acoustic disturbance to marine mammals and protected species.

An increasing number of countries through their regulatory agencies have included marine mammal mitigation measures within their oil and gas licensing agreements, targeted at reducing impacts from seismic airguns.

Services We Provide:
Oil Platform
  • Rivers & Harbors Act - USACE
  • Nationwide Permit 6

  • Marine Mammal Protection Act
  • Incidental Harassment Authorization

  • National Environmental Policy Act
  • Environmental Assesment

  • Endangered Species Act - NMFS & USFWS
  • CIBW: Incidental Take Statement & Biological Opinion

  • Marine Mammal Monitoring Plan
  • Visual Monitoring, either vessel or aerial

  • Determine the Saftey Radii
  • Based on (db re 1 mcroPA rms)

  • Sound Source Aquisition and Verification

  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring
  • Acoustical Hydrophone Monitoring from vessel or
    surface buoys in real time for marine mammals